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Microsoft Blogging Platform Windows Live Spaces will be moved to wordpress

Many days later for the first time Microsoft take a perfect decision. They impress the users of their blogging platform windows live space to move their blogs to wordpress. By their words wordpress is the best blogging platform around the internet. Microsoft is not agree to spend more money for upgrading their free blogging platform windows live spaces.

With Microsoft words 30 million blogger use Windows Live Spaces. And wordpress .com is used by 15 million users. After joined two company  traffic of the wordpress.com will increase so high and they will earn more.

But that is not clear at all. Some people think that Microsoft will buy the wordpress.com.

Microsoft will buy wordpress.com

wordpress and windows live space

windows live space and wordpress.com

microsofe and wordpress will be joined

wordpres will be solded to microsoft

all boogger of windows live space will be moved to wordpress.com

wordpress will be solded

Microsoft is making WordPress the default blogging platform

Microsoft Dumps Live Spaces for WordPress

Microsoft culls Windows Live Spaces for WordPress.com

Microsoft ditches Live Spaces for WordPress.com

Microsoft Live Space Goes WordPress

Microsoft’s Blogging Platform Deal with WordPress

Microsoft gives up on Live Spaces

Microsoft to migrate Live Spaces bloggers to WordPress

Microsoft to Close Its Blogging Platform>

Microsoft migrating 30 million Live Spaces blogs to WordPress.com

WordPress.com and Windows Live partnering together

Microsoft to shut down Spaces, migrate 30 million to WordPress.com

Microsoft to Move 30 Million Windows Live Spaces Bloggers

Windows Live Spaces Blog Upgrade-Migration to WordPress

How Microsoft went from 30 million Windows Live bloggers

MSN Spaces Closing, becomes WP.com

is it true that microsoft will by wordpress

news for microsoft an wordpress

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