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Facebook has been blocked in Bangladesh

May 30, 2010 1 comment

Facebook has been blocked in Bangladesh for a brief period, a senior BTRC official told  Saturday evening after hundreds of users reported the social networking site was down.The official, speaking on condition anonymity, admitted that elite crime busters RAB requested temporary closure of the site in the country.

The official would not give further details.

Hundreds of users reported that the social networking site was down after attempting to log on from 7pm.

More than 400m people worldwide use this social networking of which Bangladesh accounts for just over 875,000 users.

Facebookers, as they are called, generally use this networking site to share personal details with friends.

BTRC’s chief technical officer Biplob Chakma confirmed  that the site was indeed blocked based on a ‘memo’.

He also said that he may be able to provide with further details about the shutdown on Sunday morning after reporting for duty.

However, Biplob declined to reveal the identity of the authority which issued the letter.

RAB arrested a youth from the capital early Saturday for publishing caricatures of prime minister Sheikh Hasina and opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia.

RAB also alleged that the youth was responsible of a number of cyber crimes using a number of fake identities.

A number of religion-based political organisations demanded closure of the site on Friday.

The parties that made this demand in a meeting at Muktangan include the Islami Andolan, Islami Oikkyajot and Khilafat Andolan.

Dhaka University vice chancellor AAMS Arefin Siddique said, “This is nothing unexpected. It is happening because of the irresponsible attitude of its users.”

He also urged speedy identification and trial of those who violate privacy through such technology.

M Lutful Kabir, chairman of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology’s information, communication and technology.

“If Facebook affects any group or individual or causes any social problem then the Facebook authority should be contacted right away to remove the content causing the problem.”

Regarding the much harsher measure adopted by the Bangladesh government, he said, “Such blocks may be temporary, but it would be improper to make them permanent.”

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Today I can not open facebook from bangladesh

May 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I have been trying to visit Facebook , but I am unable to open facebook. What is the problem. At last I have found the news

Face book is Blocked in bangladesh today for government security issue.
For detail news Click Here

Online Video Power Broker Stats for Twitter Emerging

May 26, 2010 1 comment

New stats we’ve just been shown by video measurement company TubeMogul show that Twitter is quickly growing as a top referrer for web video traffic, far outpacing Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Bing.

Further, when it comes to getting users to watch videos, users who discovered a video via Twitter  tend to stay around longer, too. In fact, these users will view a video for an average of just over two minutes.

In a quick Twitter poll, we tried to ascertain the reasons for Twitter’s emergence as a video-sharing tool. From what we can tell, people are using Twitter to connect not just to their real-world friends, but also to specific interests. Hence, they’re finding content that’s directly related to those interests, content that is more personally relevant and, for the individual, more watchable. Simply put, for video discovery, Twitter is “more tuned to my tastes,” in the words of one user.

It might also have something to do with the sheer volume of content and the ease of spreading that content around via retweets. One user said most of his video recommendations were via Twitter, and another said he was less likely to tune out a video if multiple friends retweeted it.

However you want to slice it, though, Twitter is a huge referral source for online video. Video blogging pioneer Steve Garfield, who literally wrote the book on web video, told us, “Twitter is my #1 recomendation engine for finding videos.”

Do you tend to find good videos from your Twitter stream? Are they more interesting or more relevant to you than the videos you’d find on Facebook or from random browsing elsewhere online?

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